Sunday, February 3, 2013

Baby Bump: Getting Huge

Well, people, this baby is due in five weeks!

Back in September, I wrote how I was looking forward to watching my belly develop a cute little baby bump, then a big bump, then a huge bump, then an about to burst bump. Since the last time I posted baby bump pictures, I think I've gone from "cute little" right on through "big" and I am currently at "huge."

Aside from the discomfort it'll bring, I'm actually looking forward to seeing how ridiculous my stomach gets. I will definitely post at least one or two pictures of the "about to burst" bump in a few weeks.

Here are the former baby bump posts:
Pre-pregnancy through 18 weeks: click.
19 weeks through 25 weeks: click.

26 weeks:

27 weeks:
In a failed attempt to win first place at an ugly Christmas sweater party, I purchased a red turtleneck and a Christmas reindeer stuffed animal from a thrift store. I removed the head and limbs from the stuffed animal and hot glued them to the belly of the shirt to create this rather creepy result.

28 weeks (next two pictures):
The left picture is what I wear when I'm going out and trying to look at least a little cute. The right picture is me around the house wearing Michael's clothes. 

...Skip a couple of weeks...

31 weeks:
Yes, I'm talking to her in this picture. :-)

...Skip a few weeks...

34 weeks:
Look at the size of that thing! It puts tremendous stress on my lower back, so I spend a lot of time off of my feet.

More to come...

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