Monday, November 26, 2012

Bar Results and the State of the Baby Bump

First thing first: I passed the California Bar Exam! The results are hugely relieving since the next opportunity to take it is at the end of February within days of my due date, and the next opportunity after that is at the end of July when I will have an adorable five month old. Definitely not ideal times to be studying for and taking an extremely difficult test!

Second thing second: My baby bump is getting bigger and bigger! I am constantly touching the foreign shape of my abdomen, and it grows so quickly that I am never used to it and am constantly surprised by how big it is! I feel my baby girl kicking and moving all the time, especially when I am sitting or lying still. My back and hips are sometimes sore, and if I eat too much, my lowest ribs are tender from the stretching. And yet our baby still has to quadruple her body weight before she exits! Yikes!

Here's my bump at about 18 weeks:

19 weeks 
I never realized how slimming black is until I took this picture. My tummy looks a lot smaller than in the previous one.

20 weeks 
Michael and I went to a rap concert that had something to do with Humble Beast. I don't remember what. He knows. I stuck the bumper sticker on my stomach and apparently thought it was hilarious.

21 weeks

22 weeks

23 weeks

24 weeks:
No Picture!

25 weeks:
I definitely look pregnant! At this point, strangers ask me when I'm due and I occasionally notice middle aged and older women giving me a tender, misty eyed look. Too funny!


  1. Emmy is looking at this with me and just said "Christie!", which sounded more like kitty, but you get the point. :) You have a fan.

    1. Aww! Hi Emily! Strangely enough, that's what they called me in Thailand, so I answer to that nickname. :)

  2. I think all pregnant women are beautiful, but you are REALLY gorgeous.


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