Friday, June 6, 2014


When I think of summer, I like to imagine that this is all I'll be doing:

But, that's unlikely. This summer is kind of nuts.

I'm going to be traveling three of the next six weeks. This includes a weekend on Catalina Island, a weekend in Colorado (sans baby), and last but certainly not least, a 24+ hours each way with a toddler two week trip to Thailand where there was recently a military coup. Yup. Nuts.

Then, mid-July through mid-August, there'll be a bit of a lull where we will tackle some projects and prioritize doing lots of this...

The highlight of the summer comes mid-August when we will celebrate my sister's wedding with lots of family here in Southern California. Once the festivities are past, it'll be time for Michael to get ready for a new school year and for all three of us to get as ready as possible for the highlight of the year -- baby #2 who should be here by mid-September. And then things will slow down. Just kidding!

All fun, all good stuff, but all a little nuts! Blog, I will see you when I see you. Peace.

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