Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Piano Time

Sara Groves is a wife, mom, and prolific singer/songwriter from Minnesota. I love her music which is always simple and varied. But for me, good songs are all about the lyrics. And her lyrics do not disappoint. They are incredibly poignant and honest.

Since playing the piano is one of my lifelong hobbies, I put her most recent of two piano books on my Christmas list and gave the list to my husband. It turned out that at the time he ordered it, Sara Groves' printing people were behind in the printing of songbook #2, so they mailed Michael songbook #1 for my Christmas gift saying that songbook #2 would come at the end of January... for free! Score!

Since getting those books, Michael and I have spent a good amount of time playing the songs, me on piano and him on guitar, sometimes separately and sometimes together. Since it's so hard to move my full term pregnant body these days, sitting at the piano is the perfect hobby.

Check her out! Here some of my favorites:

Favorite album: "Fireflies and Songs" ("Station Wagon: Songs for New Parents" too given the season of life we're in.)

Favorite songs:

  • "Loving a Person" - A song about the challenges and joys of loving a person just the way they are.
  • "Twice as Good" - A song that describes how I feel about marriage.
  • "To Be With You" - A song about being with family for the holidays - reminds me of all I love about being with my family.
  • "When the Saints" - A song that recalls real stories of people addressing social justice issues and prays that we would do the same. This song always gets me fired up!
  • "Kingdom Comes" - A song about the small choices that build the Kingdom of God.

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