Saturday, February 9, 2013

Little Happenings

With my little girl's arrival just four weeks away, I have been emotionally convinced that my life is frozen in anticipation for that big day. But, this isn't the case. Everyday life seems ever eager to ebb and flow and bump along and ever unwilling to absolutely freeze. Let me share some of the little happenings of everyday life.

In no particular order:

My job downtown with an immigration attorney ended about two months ago. But, I am still volunteering once a week with the same local nonprofit. The rest of my time is spent resting, sleeping a lot, preparing for baby's arrival, moving slowly, and working on a project that I shall unveil in June...

I spent some time online recently looking for cute poses and helpful tips for photographing newborns. I came across the term "mamarazzi" for the first time. I am going to be such a mamarazzi!

Getting to know our new neighbors was slow at first, but has been picking up. I have been texting and hanging out with a neighbor (Lori) across the street who is a first time mom. Here's our housemate, Jen, holding Lori's four month old, Cadence.

Remember when I used to blog about our garden all the time? I rarely mention it, but it's still going! Our successful plants right now are arugula, bok choy, and Chinese broccoli. We're trying to grow at least a half dozen other things including brussels sprouts, artichoke, purple cabbage, etc. We'll see how the other plants do! (Confession: I thought they were called brussel sprouts until I wrote this post. Are they really called brussels sprouts?)

Within the topic of plants, our lime tree is budding! See the two teeny limes northeast of the white flower?

In the world of prepping for the baby, the car seat is in, the changing table is all set up, and the cloth diapers are ready for whenever we're ready to switch to them.

How can something that's going to cover a butt and hold poop be so cute?

Yesterday, we had our first ultrasound in over fifteen weeks. For some reason, I haven't always felt fully convinced that we are having a girl. Well, she's still a girl! And she's looking great. After the ultrasound, I felt overwhelmed with gratefulness for how smoothly everything has gone with this pregnancy. Even yesterday, we found out for the first time that her head is down, making a cesarean section much more unlikely, and she's facing my spine, which usually makes labor faster and less painful. I'll take that!

It's hailed twice in the last few days! What the hail?! That was dumb, sorry. : )

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  1. I thought your what the hail joke was hilarious. And I had no idea about the brusselS sprouts thing either. Clearly, we are meant to be friends. ;)


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