Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April Life

Here's a peek into our April.

First thing first: My sister is getting married! Her fiance proposed on Easter weekend, she said yes, and they plan to get married before the year is over. I couldn't be happier for the two of them!

And now lots of pictures. I took most of these with my cell phone's rather pathetic two megapixel camera, so these pictures are pretty bad compared to usual.

Grace playing in some fountains nearby on one of the days where the temp cracked 90 degrees.

Looks like Michael sprouted a girl where his head used to be!

Grace wreaking havoc on packages of rice noodles at the market.

Visiting with my cousin, his wife, and their son. They were in town from Madison!

Visiting our friends' chickens. Have I ever mentioned that I want chickens?

Pigtails and horsey riding.

All dressed up for Easter. Don't let the picture fool you. She really didn't like that dress.

Over at our friends' house for Easter, now in a more comfortable dress! (Can you tell which camera this picture was taken on?)

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