Sunday, May 4, 2014


We're already halfway! Halfway to welcoming another little girl into our family. Halfway to becoming parents of two and a family of four.

I feel like I've never quite come out of the first trimester exhaustion. Taking care of #2 involves hauling around almost ten extra pounds (plus another pound every week), feeding a large appetite, lots of getting out of breath (cardiac output increased by 50%, blood volume increased by almost 50%, vericose and spider veins popping up), and lots of running to the bathroom. Taking care of #1 involves hauling around an extra 21 pounds, fixing snacks and meals every two or three hours, putting down for naps, putting down for bed, bathing, putting in carseat, taking out of carseat, etc. It's physically taxing, and I sleep hard every night.

Despite the exhaustion, not a day goes by where I don't let out a sigh of gratitude for having two healthy little girls to care for, to tire me out, and to enjoy! Number two is the size of a small melon and I feel her squirming and kicking around in there throughout the day. Every visit to the obstetrician brings nothing but good news of perfect health both for me and the baby. My body is working really hard for something really really good.

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