Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Day in Our Lives

There was much to report in March - another baby on the way, our fifth wedding anniversary, a challenge to eat less sugar, and a fun family vacation.

Now April has come and the everyday rhythms never break. I haven't known what to write about for the past couple of weeks because it's been so quiet, so rather than letting my blog be quiet too, I've decided to share my everyday life. Only problem, there is no normal. Here's a peak into a fairly average Monday for this stay-at-home mom, work-at-home co-partner of a law firm who's married to a college pastor.

7:45 - Wake up, see the end of Grace's breakfast, and fix breakfast for myself. Michael woke up at 6:15 and Grace at 7:00. He takes her every morning so I can get the almost 10 hours of sleep my pregnant self needs.

8:15 - Grace plays on the floor of our bedroom/bathroom while I get ready for the day.

8:45-10:30 - I pass Grace back to Michael. They plant a couple of tomato plants in the backyard, and he goes for a run with her in the stroller. I get about half an hour to pray, read my Bible, and check emails before my law firm partner, Sarah, comes over at 9:30 for our weekly meeting.

10:30 - I take over Grace's care and feed her a snack (cantaloupe, cheese, and a peanut butter sandwich) while I make a grocery list. Michael heads off to a work meeting.

11:00 - Grace and I go outside to meander around the neighborhood. We chat a little with my friend/neighbor, Lori, and her one-year-old, Cadence. She hands me a bag of his outgrown gender-neutral clothes for Grace to wear. Yay!

11:50 - Up to Grace's bedroom for snuggling and a book.

Noon - Grace goes down for her only nap of the day. Michael comes home, and we eat lunch. Our housemate, Jen, and her fiance, Sam, eat lunch too. Michael heads to his desk in the living room to work. I take care of lots of work emails, personal emails, and some frustrating/boring insurance stuff. Then, I start this blog post, read, and plan an outing for tomorrow for me, Grace, my cousin's wife, and her son who are in town from Wisconsin! Since I'm finally sitting still, I feel our baby's gentle little kicks.

2:30 - Grace wakes up and eats. Not much. Whoops. Fed her too much peanut butter earlier, I guess. Michael heads back to the campuses for the afternoon.

3:15 - Grocery shopping. Grace eats pretzels the whole time. Whoops. Guess she was hungry after all.

4:30 - Make dinner - pan fried fish, black bean and corn salad, and broccoli.

5:15 - Michael comes home and we eat dinner together. The black bean and corn salad is a hit with all three of us. I must make it again!

6:15 - Michael heads off to lead a study of the book of Mark for his students. I put Grace in the stroller so I can go out and get some exercise. Not even one minute into our walk, she starts to completely break down. I can't figure out what's wrong, so I turn right back home. She normally loves chilling in her stroller, so I feel frustrated. I get over it, we play instead, and I give her a bath.

7:30 - Grace eats yogurt with banana insisting on feeding herself with the spoon. It's slow and messy and cute. I help her brush her teeth, we snuggle and start to read a bedtime story. She begins to break down from exhaustion, and I say the quickest bedtime prayer ever. I try to give her a hug goodnight but she's practically throwing her body into the crib so I lay her down to sleep.

8:00 - Lights out... half hour earlier than usual, but alas she was super cranky. Me time! As I sit still, working on this blog post, I feel that little kick, kick, kick again. Hello, sweet baby!

At about 9:45, I'll hear the garage open. Michael will be home! I'm already in bed and getting super tired, but we'll talk for a little while before I drift off to sleep around 10:00.


I am so curious to know what others' days are like! I invite you to, if you have a blog, write a similar post. Or just comment below on your typical Monday, or Saturday, or Tuesday.

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