Saturday, March 8, 2014

Trading Hope

My dad started a business called Trading Hope that's all about poverty alleviation through job creation. Here are some words right off their website: 

"We believe in the power of business to transform lives... businesses are creating jobs and alleviating poverty and its symptoms all over the world. We work with organizations and small businesses to help them grow by providing access to larger markets."

Michael got me some beautiful jewelry and a journal from Trading Hope for my birthday back in January. Since my parents flew in this past weekend for Grace's birthday party, I waited patiently until this weekend to receive my gifts to save on shipping costs. We do anything to save a few bucks! And the wait was worth it. Here are my three favorite products:

Sundara Earrings. I'm kind of obsessed with turquoise/teal/bright blue right now. My running shoes, fleece jacket, and several of Grace's cloth diapers are all a bright turquoise-y blue. When I saw these earrings in the catalog, I knew I was getting them.

Veranda Necklace. A loooong necklace. Grace would love to play with this necklace, so I'm waiting for an outing without her to wear it.

Soleil Diary. I was drawn to this diary online because it's turquoise, but it was even more beautiful in person than in the picture. The pattern is a lovely brushed gold and the texture of handmade pages is beckoning me to write on them. I'm dutifully finishing the last few pages of my Moleskine journal so I can start using this one.

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