Saturday, March 29, 2014

What I Learned in March

Buying plane tickets to Asia takes hours. And hours and hours and hours. But, now we get to go to Bangkok for two weeks in June!

What the internet is. I've been wondering what the internet actually is for months. This TED talk satiated my curiosity by showing the thin cables spanning our oceans and large buildings full of servers and routers. Fascinating.

I need pockets. My phone lives in my pant's right pocket. There's even a Samsung Replenish shaped faded area on my oldest jeans and shorts. I recently bought maternity shorts that don't have pockets, wore them everyday for a week, lost my phone multiple times per day, accidentally grabbed Michael's phone a few times, and even dug around my purse only to find both mind and Michael's phones. I need pockets.

Why it bothers me when people say, "They're poor but at least they're happy." This article put my feelings into words.

It's quite possible to eat only five teaspoons of added sugar everyday. The eat less sugar challenge is going really well for me. I have met my goal every single day, though I plan on breaking it today (our fifth anniversary!) because I had a pastry with lunch and will split a dessert with Michael after dinner. I do find that if I dip much below five teaspoons, my energy drops. So, I've been shooting for four or five teaspoons a day. Not surprisingly, I find that I don't crave sweets very often anymore.

Practically everything in this second pregnancy happens faster and earlier. At 15 weeks with Grace, my belly was only slightly rounded. I was still another week or so from feeling those first thrilling kicks. At 15 weeks with number two, I am visibly pregnant and I've been feeling my baby kicking and squirming around in there - such an incredible feeling!

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