Thursday, February 27, 2014

12 Ways Parenting Has Changed Me

Grace is a full-fledged crawling, exploring, talking, getting-close(ish)-to-walking one year old!

Every two months, I've written about all the developments and changes that I've seen her go through - everything from smiles to first words. The past two months, there haven't been any new developments, so I've decided to write about the 12 ways that parenting has changed me -- one way for each month she has been alive. Aren't I clever? Here we go!

  1. I am more tired, but my ability to function while tired has improved. Though not by much.
  2. I've learned how to have an in depth, heart to heart conversation with another person using just "aaahhhhs" and "oooooohs," then using just babbling and razzing, and now using simple phrases and words. ("Grace, is your strawberry yummy?" "MUM!" "Oh good, I'm glad you like it!")
  3. My hair is grosser. Since I have my hair in a ponytail so often, I've developed some nasty, kinky curls in back. I'm trying to let my hair down more often to see if it'll smooth back out.
  4. My back is stronger.
  5. My home is messier. (aka Strewn with toys. And non-toys that my baby thinks make fun toys.) And my home is cuter. (aka soft tipped spoons in the silverware drawer, pink hoodie bath towel hung over my bath towel, etc.)
  6. My life is busier. But at the same time, my life is filled with simple joys. Like trips to the toddler park. And the itsy bitsy spider. And exploring the way the inside of the washing machine spins. And the awe of watching a child figure out how the world works.
  7. My expectations of myself have plummeted which is overall a really good thing.
  8. My marriage is different. We sometimes feel less close because we don't have time to sit and talk for hours like we used to, but we often feel closer because we've created a life, we're raising a life, and we need each other so desperately the whole way!
  9. My reflexes are faster from dodging spit up for the first eight months and preventing accidents for the past four months.
  10. My days used to have lots of moments alone, but now they are full to the brim of snuggles and cuddles and little sticky hands reaching for me.
  11. My vocabulary has expanded to include words like Desitin, Moby, Ranitidine, Lanolin, Bjorn, BOB, etc.
  12. I am more content, not because life is easier, but because the focus is not on my wants and needs.
Messy hair, clueless expression, pantless, shirt soaked with drool and who knows what else, holding one of her favorite objects in the world - socks. I could not love this kid more.

Happy birthday, Grace! You've changed our lives in so many ways and we DO NOT want to go back! You are one sweet, curious, talkative, and snuggly kid. It is such a joy to be your parents!

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