Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Grace - Two Months Old

Grace has progressed from the largely unresponsive newborn stage to the adorable, interactive baby stage. I swear she is getting cuter by the minute!

When she's sitting or lying in the same room as me and I'm distracted with something else, she begins cooing and smiling to get my attention. It works every time! When Michael comes home from a work meeting or comes downstairs from our home office, she fixates on his face, beaming and "talking" with him. Michael does the same with her. :-) 

Grace takes no interest in toys at this point, but if we had to choose her favorite "toys" they would be lamps and lights. She once had an in depth conversation with a desk lamp. Grace loves taking baths, though she cries from the cold when she comes out if it's anywhere below 80 degrees in the house!

Grace has started sleeping 5+ hour chunks at night. For this, I am a very grateful mama. She has also recently discovered her hands, and I sometimes wake up at night to the sound of her cute little vocalizations and her attempts to suck on her fist.

We can't wait to see the further adorableness that awaits us! We love you, baby girl!

1 comment:

  1. oh I remember the hand discovery!!! that is such a fun stage to watch!!! sending hugs and sleep-wishes to you all!!


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