Friday, April 5, 2013

Baby Cousins

Growing up, I had two girl cousins close in age. During our childhood and teen years, the three of us lived in Portugal, Illinois, Colorado, Indiana, Texas, Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania... and I may still be forgetting a couple of states. Since we lived so far apart, we didn't see each other often, but when we did, we had a rollicking good time being too noisy and writing and performing plays for the family that we thought were comedic gold but were probably horribly boring!

Back in October, Michael and I learned that our baby on the way was a girl, and two days later, we got a most exciting call from my brother and his wife saying that they were going to adopt a little girl who was only a few days old. Given my close relationship with my cousins growing up, I was so thrilled that Grace was going to have a girl cousin just a few months older than her!

This past week, they finally got to meet.

Grace looks very concerned. I guess she doesn't know yet that Lilianna will be her friend!

I love this series of pictures. Lilianna looks cute as a button, as always. Grace looks, well, interesting. (We love you, baby girl!)

Sleeping cousins.

I am so thrilled to get to watch these two grow up together!

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