Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our New Place

Michael's parents recently retired and moved to a city near San Diego. They generously offered to rent us their three bedroom, 2.5 bathroom house for... let's just say a rate that is affordable for a campus minister who fundraises every penny of his benefits/salary and an unemployed law school graduate with a baby on the way.

We moved in almost six weeks ago, and I finally got around to taking some pictures for all of you friends and family who live too far away to see it anytime soon!

Let me walk you through my day.

I wake up and rush to the bathroom.

I relieve myself in the bathtub? No.

We have one of those bathrooms with a tiny toilet room. I feel like a rich person.

Our room.

Walking out the room into the hallway to fill my belly with some first breakfast. (And then second breakfast. And then elevensies. I eat a lot these days!) At the end of the hallway on the left is our housemate's room. You can see her open bathroom door at the end. And at the end of the hallway on the right is our...

Study! a.k.a. extra junk, mismatched furniture, vacuum storage room that we'll clean up and call a "guest room" when we have overnight visitors and a "nursery" when the baby comes.

Going down the stairs to our, in my opinion, gigantic family room. "Hi Michael!" Shout out to his new blog: Check it out!

At the bottom of the stairs taking a picture of the family room. "Hi Jen!" She's our housemate and she's super chill, fun, and easy to live with. Definitely an ideal housemate! Now we're going through the door at the back right of the room and then turning right to see...

Our mini family room. Also called the TV room. This house is so big we had trouble knowing what to do with the space. I am proud to say that we at least bought no new furniture thanks to Michael's parents who got rid of lots of stuff!

Back it up so you can see our TV room and our table.

Then, turn around so you can finally see our kitchen.

When it's cool enough, I often take my first or second breakfast or elevensies out here to eat at our outside table. And, yes, that's a raised bed! Since buying in bulk was cheaper than buying individual little bags, we rented a truck and hauled literally a ton of dirt to fill the bed.

A super comfy swing! I like to read there in the evenings before it gets dark and the So Cal desert black widows come out to play.

Well, there's our new place!


  1. Love it!! One day I will come to visit.(did you see what l just did? I invited myself over!)

  2. I will invite myself too!!!


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