Friday, August 3, 2012

Cross-Town Move

We are packing, packing, packing and moving on Saturday. My in-laws just retired and moved to a city north of San Diego on Wednesday, so we're moving into their house on Saturday. That's right, house. We don't even have close to enough stuff to fill it up, nor are we going to buy stuff to fill it up since we're still in that "we could be living anywhere in the next few years" stage of life and we like to keep our possessions trimmed down.

Here's the state of our apartment.

Closets crammed full of boxes. At least they aren't stacked in the middle of the family room!

Items that have never been neighbors in our apartment now find themselves roommates in the same box. Exhibit A: flour and hangers




Every surface has a pile of sundry items.

Ripping up the garden. But, that means that we'll be making green tomato cake once we're settled in!

Pictures of the new place will be coming in the next couple of weeks!

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