Monday, March 19, 2012

The Last of the 30 Day Photography Challenge

The penultimate photo challenge was to take a black and white picture. Before jumping in, I read a bit online about how to take a really sweet b&w photo. All sources said to shoot in RAW. So I did. And regretted it. I could view the pictures on the camera, but that was it. I couldn't open them on my computer or upload them to this blog. ugh.

I finally found some software that came with my camera that could open and edit RAW file formats and convert them into sweet, manageable JPGs.

Here are the last photos of the challenge very, very late!

Day 29: Black & white photo. Can't get enough of these mushrooms. This is a photo of our rather small second batch.

Day 30: Self-portrait. If you click on the picture, it'll blow it up, and in my eyes you will be able to see my arms stretching out to take this self-portrait. Classy!

I'm all done! I successfully took a photo everyday (almost) for 30 days. And I think I got a little bit better for it.

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