Sunday, March 4, 2012

30 Day Photography Challenge - Days 27-28

Day 27: From a distance. Is this "from a distance" enough? I hope so. I took a picture of this yellow door in an abandoned parking lot at night from the driver's side of my car. Anything to squeeze in my photo before the clock ticks over to the next day!

Day 28: Flowers. There are at least a dozen or so of these lilies growing about twenty feet from my apartment door. Last spring, when I was walking to the mail and first saw them blooming out of rather unremarkable green plants, I stopped in my tracks. I had only seen lilies in the grocery store around Easter, and never blooming so beautifully out in nature. I love these lilies, and I love this picture of them.

Day 29 & 30: I shot days 29 and 30 in RAW file format rather than JPEG. Therefore, I have no idea how to open them on my computer. Oops! Note to self: research file types before just assuming that your netbook and free photo editor can handle them. I am hoping my tech savvy husband can solve this little conundrum.

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