Sunday, February 12, 2012

30 Day Photography Challenge - Days 10-14

So far, I have managed to keep up with this photography challenge. The biggest thing I've learned is that the more time and thought I put into setting up a good shot, the better it comes out. I guess I always knew that, but these pictures really prove it. For instance, the pictures of the apple and the potato below were taken in a rush. Not good at all. But, I actually spent time on the photos of the sunset, the kissing figurines, and me with all my instruments... and I like them! Lesson learned.

Day 10: Childhood memory. Growing up, I ate sliced apples with a homemade peanut butter/yogurt dip. Recipe: mix one part vanilla yogurt with one part peanut butter. It's that easy and it was a hit at the Super Bowl party we went to!

Day 11: Something blue. My in-laws picked these blue, kissing dolls in the Netherlands (though I'm not that sure it was the Netherlands) on their 25th anniversary trip to Europe a couple of years ago.

Should I use these dolls to communicate with my husband? When I'm happy with him I'll put them kissing. When I'm upset, I'll put them with their butts sticking at each other. Probably not the best communication strategy!

Day 12: The sunset.

Day 13: Myself with thirteen things. I have a fun collection of instruments from all over the place courtesy of my dad who travels all over all the time (in fact, he's currently in the Philippines) and picks them up for me! The instruments below are from Mali, Costa Rica, Argentina, Moldova, the Guitar Center, and the Folk Music Center.

Day 14: Eyes.

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