Saturday, September 10, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Second to delicious, practically free food, the thing I've enjoyed most about gardening is appreciating in a new way how my food grows. Pre-gardening, I generally knew that seeds sprout into plants which produce flowers and fruits. I got that.

But, to actually watch it happen is a whole different story.

Here's one of my plants producing a beautiful, white flower. Can you tell what type of plant it is yet?

The flower dies and in its place, a fruit magically appears. (I guess I still don't understand everything.)

And the fruit grows and grows into a full-fledged bell pepper!

By the way, did you know that orange and red bell peppers are merely ripened green bell peppers? I geeked out about that once upon a time and now I'm proving it in my backyard!

The same is true with tomatoes. Here you see blurry, yellow flowers on the right, a teeny green tomato with a little flower shrapnel still attached, and larger green tomatoes to the left.

And here, flower is clinging to the very tip of the green bean that took its place.

And then there's this guy who is so cute that I don't mind the little holes he munches in my leaves.

I am so grateful for my little plot of land, and I'm so glad that we have tried our hands at gardening.

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