Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Napa Wedding

This past weekend, I roadtripped to Napa with my husband, an old friend, and a new friend to celebrate the marriage of our friends, Caroline & Lucas. They are amazing people as individuals and, together, they make one happy, adventurous, fabulous couple. It was such a privilege to celebrate their wedding with them.

We witnessed the super sweet (and super quick!) ceremony, and then we were shuttled up, up, up the hills to a reception at the bride's parents' vineyard overlooking Napa Valley.

We celebrated the bride's Northern California roots with wine produced from the family vineyard. So sophisticated! We celebrated the groom's Tennesee roots with contra dancing. So hick!

The happy couple.

My roadtrip buddies (Daniella & Karen) with Napa Valley behind us.

Congratulations, Caroline & Lucas! May the upcoming decades be filled with tons of joy and adventures.

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