Saturday, July 9, 2011

Crazy Bird Lady

I bought a bird feeder, stocked it with seed, and birds starting coming. 

And coming. 

And coming. 

Now we have a veritable menagerie of birds in our tiny backyard. I fear that my neighbors might think that I'm turning into a crazy bird lady, but that's ok. Territorial fights have ensued including one where, according to valid eyewitness testimony from my husband, the blue guy below pushed (weird, huh?) a mourning dove off of our neighbor's roof and then pounced WWF style on top of it. Now that little bird really has something to mourn about.

Here's the cruel, cruel bird.

That's an avocado pit!

More sweet, little birds like this one, please!

And we've been getting hummingbirds.

Last night, my husband and I bought a twenty pound bag of birdseed. We feel like we're feeding a dog. I'm excited to see how quickly the birds devour it.

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