Friday, December 31, 2010

Food, Glorious Food!

The most common topic of conversation in my family is food. We not only know how to talk food, but we also know how to make it. Here is a sampling of our holiday eats:
The Portuguese version of Indian Samosas

Bolas de Berlim
(aka homemade Portuguese custard filled doughnuts)

Veggies getting ready to be roasted.

Waiting for the oven:
Mushrooms stuffed with something delicious.

First some gingerbread...

Then some lemon curd and berry sauce...

Makes a trifle!

Mmmm... Christmas trifle.

Portuguese Chorico getting grilled on an asa.

No offense to my friends from Mexico & Hawaii, but Portuguese
chorico is completely different and much better than the
Mexican & Hawaiian versions.


  1. Love the pictures---especially the one of Andrea! And now I'm going to go find something to eat . . .


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