Wednesday, September 28, 2016

This Presidential Race

In my twelve years on Facebook, six years of blogging, and seven months on Instagram, I don't think I've ever posted about politics -- I just don't like thinking about, talking about, or writing about politics. But, the absurdity of this Presidential race drives me to it.

I'm sure you've already read and heard many opinions, so this will be brief…

I remember last summer when I first heard about Trump's infamous "Mexicans are drug dealers and rapists (and maybe some are good people)" remark. Having had many Mexican and Mexican-American friends, acquaintances, classmates, colleagues, supervisors, and clients; having walked with one very close Mexican-American friend through her journey of going from undocumented status to documented status; I felt shocked and offended at this racist and untruthful comment. At that moment I counted him as unfit to become a party nominee, much less President of the United States.

Over the past year, he has spouted an entire canon of racist and misogynist comments and lies that are as shocking and harmful as "Mexicans are rapists." I am deeply convinced that he is a horrible man who is only out for himself. 

I have been appalled as I've watched him successfully woo half of the US population.

My shock reached an all-time high this summer when I found out that the vast majority of white evangelicals support his candidacy for President. As a white evangelical who is not voting for Trump, I am in the minority. This is absurd to me.

Today, I went to the Bangkok post office to drop off an absentee ballot with my vote for Hillary Clinton for President. She is far from perfect, but in this 2016 race, perfection is not my standard. Preventing a Trump presidency is. So, I gladly cast my vote for Clinton.


  1. Yeessss!!!! These are my feelings exactly. Our friends here in Mexico are sad and afraid. They are sad because they can't understand why so many Americans seem to genuinely hate them when they've always thought we were friends; they are afraid for their family and friends on the "otro lado" if Trump does win. It's a hot topic here...filled with uncertainty and fear. Thanks for your words and your vote.

  2. Thank you so much for this. I found your blog via Baking Humble Pie and as another "never Trump" expat abroad this really cheered me. :)

    Now that the election has come and gone, you might be interested in reading this perspective from another Christian:

    -Jen in Japan

    1. Hi Jen, I'm so glad you stopped by! What are you up to in Japan? And, yes, this election was hard! I will be praying more for our country than I ever have before. I am sending that article to my Kindle to read before bed.


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