Friday, June 12, 2015

Home - Part Five


I've lived over a third of my life in California. This is the longest I've ever lived in one place on the globe. I am too close to these years to really know what memories and impressions will last, but when I think of my eleven years in Southern California, I think of...

Palm trees, Joshua trees, wildfires, smog, mediocre beaches, rosemary bushes, citrus trees, tarantulas, lizards, and cockroaches.

Flying in and out of LAX and Ontario airports. Over and over and over.

Cheering on my team with tens of thousands of other fans all decked out in cardinal and gold.

Running every single step of the LA marathon.

Eating Red Vines while studying the gospel of Mark with people who have turned out to be lifelong friends -- including my husband.

Inhaling the strong smell of old urine and receiving greetings from homeless faces I recognized as I walked to my teaching job on skid row.

Marrying my best friend on an unusually warm spring afternoon.

Riding the Metrolink to law school while reading big old books with exciting titles like "Civil Procedure."

Bringing home an eight pound bundle of Grace from the hospital and then, eighteen months later, bringing home a six pound bundle of Cora.

Starting my own business (law firm) with a friend and serving on a nonprofit board.

My eleven years in Los Angeles have been ripe and full. It's hard to think that I'll be saying goodbye soon.

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