Monday, July 1, 2013

Ten Things I Learned in June

Two of the bloggers that I follow have begun making lists of X things learned in Y month. So, I decided to try it out myself! Here are ten random lessons I learned in June.

1. Walks are more fun when you take a camera along.

2. Taking pictures is one of the easiest ways to insert a little creativity into my life. I want to do it more.

3. I can put things off for a really long time. I purchased a large photo frame shortly after getting married, and I just printed a wedding picture to put into it. Better four years late than never, right?

4. Photos look better printed than on a screen.

5. Costco is an amazing place to get prints. (Costco is an amazing place in general!) They're cheap, you can upload them online, and you can pick them up when you get your groceries and make your free sample rounds.

6. Making decisions with the prayerful support of friends is the way to go. Why do I try to fly solo so often?

7. Pregnancy weight takes forever to lose. And I am impatient.

8. 100 degree weather, drool, spit up, sweat, and the desire to put everything in her mouth makes for one sticky baby girl.

9. My favorite part of parenting, hands down, is is watching her grow and learn new skills all the time. I love watching my baby grow up!

10. Physics is fascinating. I am reading Hawking's "A Brief History of Time" and Michael and I have been watching Minute Physics before going to sleep. My nerdy, curious mind is satisfied. Though Schrodinger's Cat makes zippo sense to me, and I feel pretty unintelligent when I try to follow the logic.

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  1. Loved peaking in on your life! You were the link before me in the link up so I thought I would say Hi! My husband used to live in LA years ago and we've actually thought about church planting there... still praying through several options/places. I've never been but really would love to visit Cal.


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