Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Mom's Enchiladas

Every year after Thanksgiving dinner, my mom removes all the meat from the turkey carcass and makes turkey enchiladas. They are so good and I have wanted to learn how to make them for the longest time, but when I've asked her for the recipe, she says, "There is no recipe, but they are so easy! All you have to do is..." The "..." being her description of a process I can never seem to remember.

Well, this year, when I saw her in the kitchen getting ready to prepare the turkey enchiladas, I watched. And she was right. They're almost as easy as they are delicious.

I made a big pan and a little pan of these a couple of weeks ago, and between some dinner guests, my husband, and me, they were gone in less than thirty hours. So, I made them again later that week, and between just my husband and me, all twelve enchiladas were devoured in less than three days.

So these enchiladas are apparently too delicious to have enough time to take a picture of the final product. You'll just have to make them yourself to see what they look like in the end before you dig in!

The Adapted Version of Mom's Enchilada Non-recipe (write THAT on a recipe card)

  • Onion chopped up
  • Two big, deep green, almost black chiles chopped up. I'm pretty sure they are called chiles pasillas, but really any chiles will do. Get rid of the seeds if you don't want them spicy.
  • Three large, cooked chicken breasts cut up into bite size pieces (or leftover bits of Mr. Turkey if it's that time of year)
  • The big, 28oz yellow can of Las Palmas hot green enchilada sauce, or really any other brand if your grocery store doesn't carry Las Palmas.
  • Sour cream, about half a cup
  • Cheddar cheese, about half a pound
  • Tortillas, about a dozen

1) Brown the onion and chiles. 
2) While they're browning, mix the entire can of enchilada sauce with the sour cream. Spread a thin layer on the bottom of a 9x13 pan.
3) Add the chicken to the now sauteed onion and chiles. Pour in the enchilada sauce/sour cream mixture reserving about a cup.
4) Heat it all up to bubbling. This is the filling for your enchiladas!

5) Assemble the enchiladas: Hold a tortilla in one hand, scoop some enchilada filling inside, and then sprinkle with the cheese. I usually put in just a little more cheese than this picture shows.

6) Roll up the enchilada and place it in your prepared pan with the seam down so it doesn't unroll. Continue assembling trying to ration the ingredients evenly(ish). Don't be afraid to cram them into the pan! In the picture below, I still have room for at least four more.

7) Pour the rest of of the enchilada sauce/sour cream mixture over all of the enchiladas.
8) Bake at 350 for 45 minutes.
9) Serve with a spicy, fresh, handmade salsa from a local Mexican grocer and a gigantic fruit salad.


  1. Um yum! Gonna put it in my pinterest files. :-)

  2. So yummy looking! Thanks for sharing the recipe.


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