Friday, January 20, 2012

The Best of Thailand

I am not even going to attempt to summarize two weeks in Thailand in a single blog post, so these five wonderful memories are going to have to suffice.

Memory #1: Meeting my Thai in-laws. Michael's mom was one of nine siblings, four of which are still alive. This large family grew over the years into over 100 people. I am number 95. I didn't get to meet everyone, but those I met I loved. They were so fun and so generous!

Memory #2: Markets. This is always a favorite when I travel. I just love the stalls, the colors, the fresh produce, the sounds, and the smell of fish, or in this case, squid.

Memory #3: Pineapple. There's a reason why every major city in the world has at least one Thai restaurant. Going to Thailand, I knew the food would be delicious, but I was taken aback by the fruit and especially the super sweet pineapple. I could go for some right now.

Memory #4: If you ever find yourself in south Thailand, you must, must, MUST go to Phang Nga Bay. It was stunning. Try doing a Google images search to get a better picture of it.

Memory #5: Swiss Valley Hip Resort. After returning to Bangkok from the south, a family friend decided to take us to her daughter's resort. We had no idea what the resort was like, so we were shocked when we got out of the car into what appeared to be Europe. It was the cookiest way to end our vacation.

In the end, I love Thailand and I am proud to be married to a half-Thai guy!

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