Thursday, November 10, 2011

Winter Garden Tour

My favorite season in Southern California is winter. After months of smog buildup and hot, dry weather, the rains begin to fall giving Los Angeles a much needed bath. The rains mean snow-capped mountains, boots & sweaters, citrus trees dripping with oranges & lemons, and a thriving winter garden! (My fingers are crossed on that last one.)

Here's the garden! I am hoping to have a glorious, future post with a before and after picture, but we'll see how successful we are.

(A) Bell pepper bush to the right of the "A" that we haven't ripped up since summer ended. There are three or four little kale plants behind it. And a jalapeno plant in front that used to house a black widow spider!! [see picture below]
(B) More bell pepper bushes.
(C) Netting along the back fence for our snap peas to grow up.
(D) I re-purposed my tomato cages for snap peas to grow up.
(E) Lettuce that is currently lying prostrate on the dirt from the recent rains.
(F) Strawberry barrel! With a red cabbage plant in the middle! I'm excited about this one.
(G) Lettuce.
(H) Spinach.
(I) Bibb lettuce.
(J) Purple carrots. (Yes, purple!)
(K) Beets.
(L) That plastic container used to be full of Costco pretzels. Now it is full of dirt and tiny carrot and beet plants.
(M) Chinese broccoli. (completely Michael's doing)
(N) Kale.

I think our current success rate with garden is about 30-50%. So, with the about a dozen plants we have going, we'll hopefully harvest at least five fruits or veggies. Not so great, but we're learning!

And playing with the hose.

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