Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Giraffe Without Spots

Readers, it's time to get intimate:

Since February, I have had eleven moles shaved off and biopsied. Out of the eleven, nine were developing abnormally (what doctors call "dysplastic") and could have become cancerous.

At one point, my dermatologist told me that she felt like she was on "Extreme Makeover: Mole Edition." Cute.

Two of those moles had to undergo the special treatment since the abnormalness didn't all go with the biopsy.

(side note: Sometimes I feel abnormal. Does that make me dysplastic all over? Is that why the dermatologist is slowly removing all of me?)

The dermatologist dug a small chunk out of my back a few weeks ago. Grossed out yet? If not, keep reading.

The plastic surgeon then dug another larger chunk out of my... inconvenient location* on Friday. I never realized how much that part of my body moves when I walk.

Needless to say, I spent most of my weekend not moving and when Michael headed out of town, he kindly put all low lying objects up high on dressers and tables so I wouldn't have to choose between wearing shoes to work and having intact stitches. What a sweet hubby I have!

So, why a giraffe?

A few of my college friends decided that I looked like a giraffe because of my long neck, big eyes, and my brown spots all over. At the rate my dermatologist is going, I should be spotless within about 500 years.

Finally, with all these biopsies and minor surgeries, I have become best friends with these bandaids. They are AWESOME!!

They cost significantly more than normal bandaids, but they stay on for several days, block out water & germs, and best of all they prevent scarring like nothing else I know.

Throw out your traditional bandaids and buy Nexcare bandages! (No, I am not paid by them. They may make $10 max off of this plug. Unless my blog becomes wildly popular. But, then again, if lots of people were reading this, I'd probably take down this post...)

*my "inter-gluteal cleft" as the medical professionals all called it. :) 


  1. Miss you Giraffity Giraffe =)

  2. I love these bandaids! I could never go back to the regular ones


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