Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy Things for a Busy Girl

My posting has been slow recently because this girl has been plain, old busy. But, in my hustle and bustle I have been enjoying these little things.

Chinese Magnolias. These tiny, delicate trees have been blooming purple, teacup-sized flowers for weeks. If I ever own property in Southern California or another similar climate, I will plant a Chinese Magnolia.

Espresso and dark chocolate. If you ever experience a 3pm slump on a Monday, brew an espresso and eat some dark chocolate. It solves all your problems. Only, in my case, it kept me up until 2am that night. I am way too sensitive to caffeine.

Sprouting plants. I got a little package of wildflower seeds at an event that I attended. I recently threw some mulch in a pot (I didn't even have dirt) and sprinkled the seeds on. It's been fun to monitor their growth.

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