Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cora - Six Months Old

Cora is halfway to her first birthday! Time has flown at a breathtaking pace, it's hard to believe she's six months old. Yet, we cannot imagine our family without our precious Cora.

Cora is a very quiet baby. She spends most of the day on her stomach; head and chest held high; tiny pink lips slightly open; enormous dark brown eyes wide and alert soaking in everything. She's great at just chilling on the ground entertaining herself. But, she also loves being held, and I sure love scooping up all fifteen pounds of her and snuggling her sweet little body.

For the most part, Cora is very mellow. But, she has an intense side. She is a baby who knows what she wants. When I'm holding her and she sees something she wants, she lunges at it. If she is playing with a toy and I take it out of her hands, she screams and cries so hard I can't even begin to imagine what kind of tantrum she might be capable of when she's a toddler! I've been trying to introduce her to solids, but so far, she's not having it. Right now, she is on amoxicillin for an ear infection. She's decided that she hates the medicine, so Michael, who is far more patient than me, spends about 15 minutes twice a day squirting it into her mouth one tiny drop at a time to get her to take the full dose.

So far, Cora can roll both ways, sit on her own, and she's begun to scooch along on her tummy to get a toy that's out of reach. She also recently started waving "hi" to Michael and me. She takes two or three naps a day, nurses eight times a day, and eats a few bites of solid food. We are in the middle of training her to sleep at night (code for letting your baby scream and cry until she falls back asleep) and we're getting close to her completely dropping middle of the night feedings... thank the Lord.

What are some of Cora's favorite things?

Her big sister. She watches everything Grace does and listens to everything Grace says and sings. Grace is certainly her favorite person in the world. I try not to be too jealous! Oh, and they look like sisters.

Being held and bounced upside down.

Being outside.

Riding in the double stroller while Michael and/or I go for a run.

Getting tickled.

Getting kissed all over her face and neck.

Taking baths. She could spend all day in a bathtub, splashing Grace, chewing on foam letters, and scooting around.

Here she is hanging from the chandelier...

Learning to walk with a little bit lots of help from Yaya.

What could be more enthralling than a balloon string?

Watching everything Grace does.

Cora had three or four colds in the last month and an ear infection. Here we are, sick and snuggling.

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