Sunday, March 8, 2015

Grace - Two Years Old

Our Gracie turned TWO last week. 

This means that we are already 11% of the way through raising her. Considering she still wears diapers and thinks it's socially appropriate to hide behind her hands when we see friends, we certainly have a lot of training to before we shoo her out of the nest. This slightly freaks me out.

Regardless of how far we have to go, we've come a long way. Grace crossed some major milestones this past year. She learned how to walk, speak in full sentences, and sing. She went on her first international trip and became a big sister. Bravo, kiddo! That's a lot for one year!

What are some of Grace's favorite things these days?

Playing hide and go seek.

Music! Grace loves anything music related. We had been singing the song "Jesus Loves Me" for a few weeks when, one day, as she was walking out of the room, I began to play "Jesus Loves Me" on the piano. Watch the video to see her reaction and her little solo.

Since Grace loves music, she loves to sing sing sing all day long. It's so pleasant to hear. Her favorite song to sing is the ABC's. There have been many days where we've sung it at least three dozen times. Now, she's started changing it up. She likes to do plural ABC's "As Bs Cs Ds Es Fs Gs..." Another favorite version is this: "Ain Bain Cain Dain Eain Fain Gain..." She also does a Bing Crosby version where she purses her lips and sings as low as her little vocal chords can manage.

Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Or as Grace calls it, "Beauty AT the Beast." Sounds so much fiercer that way. We watch each song on the DVD every day. If we're riding in the car, she almost always requests the soundtrack. When she's throwing a tantrum, nothing cools her down faster than, "Little town, it's a quiet village..."

Skipping naps. The internet tells me kids are supposed to nap until they're three or four. Grace is well on her way to completely dropping her only nap. 

This roll and play dice/card game. We've played it for HOURS.

Standing on a chair in the kitchen helping me cook and eating scraps of everything. ("No, sweetie. That's raw pork. We need to cook it before you can eat it.")

Books. Grace continues to absolutely love reading. In addition to snuggling a stuffed dog and her blankie every night and naptime, she also snuggles several books. A couple of weeks ago, Grace prayed her first prayer. It went like this, "Dear Jesus, Thank you for the green book, the white book, the blue book, the yellow book, the blue book, the black book, and the green book."

Storytime at the library. Books, songs, and rhymes... of course she loves it! Here's a picture from storytime.

Happy birthday, Grace. I love you so, so, so much. It is such a privilege to be your mommy.

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