Monday, August 19, 2013

A Makeover and a Quote

My blog looks prettier! This weekend, I was venting all of my frustrations with blogger to Michael. I had ideas of what I wanted my blog to look like but felt like my hands were tied by the limited editing options within the finite set of templates. He opened the code (or HTML? or CSS? or something like that), listened to me voice my complaints (i.e. "I don't like the shadow thingy behind the pictures."), and fixed them. And boy does it look snazzy now! It's clean, simple, the font is more legible, and the pictures really fill the space.

Allow me to take advantage of this pretty space by leaving you with a photo I took a few weeks ago while on a walk and a beautiful quote on the art of writing that I stumbled upon this weekend.

"To keep an idea living, intact, tinged with all its original feeling, its original mood, preserving in it all the ecstasy which attended its birth, to keep it so all the way from the brain to the hand and transfer it on paper a living thing with color, odor, sound, life all in it, that is what art means..."      ~Willa Cather

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