Thursday, March 22, 2012

Swap Meet Haul

I'm a sucker for good deals.

In fact, just this weekend, my husband and I bought three pairs of jeans at Kohl's for a total of $33. They were originally priced at about $40 each. The cashier threw in a $10 off any purchase coupon. I feel so accomplished!

But Kohl's can't hold a candle to my newest discovery... the Mission Tiki swap meet in Montclair. I visited the swap meet for the first time over spring break with Michael and my parents who were visiting from Colorado. It was located in a huge parking lot that is a swap meet by day and a drive-in movie theater by night. Out of the hundreds of people there, not including us, I saw about two Asians, three black people, and three white people. Everyone else was Hispanic/Latino. Various sellers staked their claim selling so much stuff - used shoes, new jeans, a classic Radio Flyer wagon, plugs and cords of all types, cleaning supplies, instruments, washers and dryers, Mac makeup, fresh produce and spices, etc. I've always loved outdoor markets. This one is just fabulous and not far, far away in another country!

Check out the deals we got on these items.

Tortillas: $3
Dried peppers: $3
Papaya: $1.50
Plants: $1 each
Silver colored hoop earrings: 50 cents!
Four steel wool sponges: $1
80+ bike tire patches: $4
Two bottles of nail polish: $1.50
Cute top: $12 + a free ring

Perhaps Los Angeles swap meets will become my go-to place for all my basic necessities.

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