Monday, June 27, 2011

Gardening: Victories and Defeats

First of all, my man has gotten as into gardening if not more into it than me.

He has taken to grabbing whatever seed or sprouting thing he finds in the kitchen and throwing it in the dirt. It's been wildly successful.

A few months ago, he threw the seeds of a Santa Claus Melon (no kidding, that's what it was called) into the ground. They grew. We read that in order to produce one melon, it would have had to take over our entire property. A moment of cost/benefit analysis led to us ripping it up.

A few weeks ago, an onion of mine began sprouting. Michael stuck the onion in the ground with the sprouts above ground. The green sprouts grew very quickly and I've been using them in my cooking. Since we're alive, I guess they are not poisonous!

Yesterday, he put jalapeno seeds in the ground. We shall see what happens. 

Second, there have been a lot dead/dying plants back there. Bugs got to the beets killing most of the poor, little sprouts. And I was too lazy to figure out what was happening to remedy the problem. The four that survived Beet Blight 2011 are now going strong. I still have some hope for our carrots. As for the spinach and lettuce... I'll just blame the heat for their shriveling up over the last couple of weeks.

I can't believe our rate of success at willy nilly throwing things into the ground is higher than our serious attempts at gardening normal-style.

The lettuce was way too dainty and difficult for my non-green thumb.
Or maybe I should have followed directions and just planted it in the
winter when the temperature is right.

But, the TOMATOES!! They make me feel so successful! I don't think I could kill them if I tried. We planted one puny tomato plant. It is now massive. We've only harvested a handful of cherry tomatoes so far, but judging by all the little green tomatoes and blossoms all over the plant, we will be harvesting dozens and dozens. Since everything has been difficult but the tomatoes, we went to our local garden center and purchased two more tomato plants yesterday.

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