Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Encourage Someone

I've recently been on the receiving end of three genuine compliments.

One: "You look pretty today."

Two: "I love your blog. You're a really good writer. When I read your stuff, I feel like I'm right there."

Three: "You're a really good, really chill mom."

I usually go through my days without reflecting too much on how I look, how I write, or how I parent. And if you asked me how I feel about each of these things, I'd probably say that I think I look nice, I write pretty well, and I am a good mom. But, when I heard these encouraging words, I internally reacted with an "Oh really? Are you sure?" My reaction revealed that there's at least a little bit of insecurity in me over how I look, how I write, and how I parent. And it felt really, really good to be affirmed. There's a new spring in my step and wind in my sails.

And since it felt so good, I wonder... Who do I admire? How can I give encouragement to them today?

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