Thursday, May 29, 2014

Things I Learned in May

Hydrangeas belong indoors where they can be admired, not on the side of the house where they are never seen.

Inexpensive, fair trade tea exists. Where? On Amazon, of course!

It's hard to find a bridesmaid dress in the right shade of turquoise that can accommodate an almost full term baby bump and isn't too sweltering hot for an outdoor August wedding. But, we're getting close.

How to make Thai iced coffee at home. Only problem: it's about three times as sweet as I want it to be and uses non-dairy creamer. How can you have cream without dairy? Sounds like fake food to me! Michael and I hope to tweak the recipe to fit our taste. We'll share it when it's ready.

It's nice to be appreciated. I received two thank you notes from two different graduating college seniors expressing their gratitude for little ways I've helped them out this past year. Since most of my time is spent serving a tiny child who is just learning to say, "thank you," it is so refreshing to be appreciated with words.

I can take decent engagement pictures. I felt a little nervous going into my sister's engagement photo shoot on Saturday, but I was really, really pleased with the results.

I felt enormously proud when Grace started saying her first words last fall. I thought my pride was at least partially wrapped up in the fact that she started speaking super early. But, when Grace recently took her first steps, weeks and months after all her baby peers, I felt the same exact feeling well up in me. It amazes me to know that my enormous pride over my toddler has nothing to do with how "advanced" or "behind" she is and everything to do with the fact that she is mine.


  1. My eldest was an early talker and very late walker as well. Both milestones were exciting and special in their own right, regardless of timing. Love the hydrangea pic!

  2. Love that last part! I have three girls, and I feel that same burst of pride every time they do something big and new, no matter how close it was to their siblings or peers. (hopped over from Chatting at the Sky!)


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