Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Two Thoughts on Parenting

Thought number one.

It's at times like this...

...that I marvel at the fact that the human species is still around. Every single person who has ever lived has needed bottle/breastfeeding day and night, poop cleanups, bathing, help with keeping themselves entertained, and enormous amounts of holding and comforting while teething, scared, bored, or around strangers. I can hardly believe that's how we've been sustained person after person, generation after generation. It's a wonder we're still around.

Thought number two.

To a baby, everything is fresh and exciting, including the sight of morning sprinklers launching water in all directions across a field. I love taking the time to see the world through my baby's eyes. It brings out the beauty and intrigue in all that I've gotten used to.

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