Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I tried to grow flowers twice. Both times I failed. Then, Grace came along. We didn't tend to our garden, the weather warmed, and three of the winter leafy greens bolted sending wispy yellow and white flowers high over our garden.

I suppose I have found the most successful flower growing formula for me: plant veggies + don't take care of them = flowers!

The fact that the whole garden was trying to go to seed clued us in to the change in seasons, so we're in the process of transitioning our garden from winter mode to summer mode. We harvested the edible parts of the bok choy, Chinese broccoli, arugula, and snap peas and ripped out the rest of the plants. We harvested lots of carrots and beets too.

By the way, beet greens are edible and delicious. When they are young, throw them in a salad along with other greens. When they are mature, follow these instructions:

  1. Blanch the greens in boiling water for two minutes and then cool them immediately in ice water. To use the stems, chop them up and blanch them for a little longer than the greens.
  2. Lightly brown finely chopped garlic in olive oil, then sauté the greens and stems in oil and garlic.
Any edible greens can be cooked this way!

Michael is outside right now working on the summer garden. It will include two types of squash, several varieties of peppers, tomatoes, tomatillos, and other yummy plants. Pictures and a post to come!

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