Monday, January 14, 2013

Christian Bookstore Scavenger Hunt

About a month ago, I was lying in bed and out of nowhere, an idea popped into my head. "Hey Michael... Wouldn't it be fun to go on a Christian Bookstore Scavenger Hunt?"

I don't remember what his reaction was, but when I explained myself, he was 100% in.

"We'd compile a list of all the things stereotypical to Christian bookstores and Christian culture and see if we could find them. Things like Thomas Kinkade light paintings, Veggie Tales paraphernalia, and frumpy Bible covers."

Well, we compiled out list and went out on our date to Family Christian Bookstores. It was so fun and we laughed so much. I highly recommend doing it.

In case you have our sense of humor, here's the list copy/pasted from our original word document. You get a point for every item you find.

Christian Bookstore Scavenger Hunt
Ô  Larry the Cucumber
Ô  A Bible costing more than $100 (You may include tax and any embellishments the store offers like putting your name on the front)
Ô  Something WWJD
Ô  Rubber Stamps
Ô  Christian T-shirt using a pop culture spin-off (i.e. see “Jedi for Jesus” tshirt below)
Ô  Thomas Kinkade light painting
Ô  Something both patriotic and Christian
Ô  Precious Moments anything
Ô  Something with Jeremiah 29:11 on it
Ô  Footprints poem
Ô  Something involving seashells
Ô  Benefit compilation CD (bonus point if Mac Powell is on it)
Ô  Something made out of porcelain
Ô  Something made by an artisan in the developing world
Ô  Ugly Bible cover
Ô  Christian-themed board game
Ô  Something involving cross-stitching or knitting

Special rules:
v If you find two of the above on one object, +4 (instead of +2). Three of the above on one object, +6 (instead of +3).
v -1 point for every time an employee asks you if you need help

“He who seeks finds.” -Matthew 7:8

We could hardly believe that this board game existed. Check out the subtitle.

Footprints poem on an ugly Bible cover = four points!!

We ended with 15 points. Beat that! (And please let me know if you do!)

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