Friday, January 11, 2013


Michael and I got to spend four days on a Babymoon in Cambria, CA.

Here are three of my favorite memories from the trip in order from most pleasant to most disturbing.

1. We stayed at a bed and breakfast run by a single woman in her 70s. She began her B&B orientation with an almost five minute explanation of what the four light switches by the front door did. She also made sure to tell us that the heater had to be turned to "on" to work. When she began her long explanation of how to connect to the internet, I thought I was going to bust up laughing.

This old woman made us yogurt and muffins every morning for breakfast. Our little weekend home was completely decked out in a birds, eggs, and nests theme. Michael and I decided to count all the birds and all the eggs.

Michael's guess: 35 eggs and 50 birds
Christie's guess: 10 eggs and 100 birds

We were woefully short of reality.

Final count: 133 eggs and 155 birds

Our sweet hostess sent me home with a handmade nest with a little egg in it. She said it was symbolic of our little one on the way. :-)

2. We wanted to visit Hearst Castle, but we were worried that the tour might be a little too much time on my feet for my wimpy back and hips. When we asked the older woman at the ticket booth which tour to take, she took one look at my swollen abdomen and told me to go on the accessible tour!

I gave in and toured Hearst Castle in a wheelchair! Let's just say that when the tour guides weren't around, Michael spun me around and wheeled me into plants.

3. We were fortunate enough to be at California's central coast during elephant seal birthing, nursing, and mating season. The baby seals were pretty cute, but the female seals were too huge to be cute, the males were straight up ugly, and when the mating happened, it was both horrific and hilarious at the same time.

I made the picture below small so that if you don't want to see elephant seals getting it on, you don't have to. If you're like me and you think it's funny, click on the picture. Let me just warn you again that it's a bit disturbing.

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