Saturday, December 22, 2012

What Will She Look Like?

Will she get Daddy's brown, acne prone skin or Mommy's mole-dotted, pale skin?

Will she get Daddy's black hair or Mommy's multi-colored hair?

Will she get Daddy's brown eyes that disappear when he laughs really hard or Mommy's green eyes that are so big she has been called both a Disney princess and a cartoon cow?

Will she get Daddy's wide, Thai feet or Mommy's narrow feet with fallen over toes?

Will she get Daddy's six pack or Mommy's little tummy pooch?

Will she get Daddy's four-head or Mommy's five-head (my forehead isn't four fingers tall like most, it's five fingers tall)?

Will she get Daddy's family's not-so-tall genes or Mommy's family's super tall genes?

Will she get Daddy's thick eyebrows... or Mommy's thick eyebrows?

I can hardly wait to see what she looks like, I am sure that she will be the prettiest thing I've ever seen, and I hope that she internalizes what I think of her, what her dad thinks of her, and what God thinks of her over the strange, narrow portrayals of feminine beauty that saturate our culture.

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