Thursday, February 23, 2012

30 Day Photography Challenge - Days 20-26

The challenge continues...

Day 20: Bokeh. I think "bokeh" means the fuzzy background. Or maybe it means backgrounds with little globes of light. I don't really know, so I got both in the background of this picture of my beloved snap pea plants.

Day 21: Faceless self-portrait.

Day 22: Hands. Michael and I went to the Asian supermarket on Saturday, bought all of these sauces, and cooked up two big pots of Thai soup (brown sauce soup... ask Michael what it's called in Thai) and Vietnamese soup (Pho). Yummy!

Day 23-24: Woops. Didn't do them. Here are my excuses. The prompt for day 23 was "sun flare." I don't really know how to do sun flares, but I do know it requires sunlight and it was cloudy all day. The prompt for day 24 was "animal." I was indoors in downtown Los Angeles the entire day. I guess I could have wandered the city for a bit to try to get a shot of a pigeon, but I didn't.

Rather than falling behind, I decided to just plow on ahead to the next day. Perhaps I will come back to these two photo days at the end.

Day 25: Something pink. In my mind, I was a photographer for a makeup ad. I did a better job than I thought I could!

Day 26: Close-up. Alfalfa sprouts growing in a jar. I need your help. Which is better?
The cool, sharp, blue-ish tinted one?

Or the warmer one?

Please let me know in "comments." Don't be shy, I need all the help I can get!


  1. I like the second jar of sprouts. They look more edible.

    1. "More" edible... yes, both jars look like they are full of tiny, white worms, not sprouts. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Usually I like food photos in warmer tones, but I actually prefer the first shot. The sprouts pop out more, and their shapes are more defined.

  3. I like the first one...normally I prefer my pictures warmer, but for whatever reason I like the cooler one better. I think it's because of the contrast between the white parts and everything else.

  4. Thanks for the feedback, ladies! Blue tinted one FTW!


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