Friday, April 15, 2011

Wilson: Twelve Hours of Puppy Bliss

I found this little guy on a street near my home. Since it was 10pm and I could hear the sounds of lost-puppy-killing cars driving just a block away, I decided to bring him home. By the next afternoon, my husband had taken no less than 174 pictures and multiple videos of him doing super exciting things like scratching his ears, pulling at our weeds, eating, sitting, etc. His claim, "I am not an animal person," has been cast into serious doubt.

The biggest mistake we made was naming him. Wilson weaseled his cute little puppy self into our hearts and though we dropped him off at the animal shelter two weeks ago, we still talk about him all the time and hope that someone adopts him.

I think Wilson and I look alike. Big foreheads,
big eyes, long faces, same hair color.

Wilson and Michael don't look alike.
Oh gosh, I feel like I need therapy to get over this puppy. In the words of Michael's facebook post, "Wilson, thanks for being my favorite animal friend ever."


  1. you need to go pick him up from that pound and keep him! it's destiny... :)

  2. omg he does look like you!!!

  3. Andrea, unfortunately our apartment doesn't allow dogs, he sheds like crazy which won't work for any of our family's allergies, and I think I'm too cheap and lazy to take care of him. BUT HE'S SO CUTE!


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