Tuesday, April 19, 2011

No Longer Newlyweds

I once heard it said that the term "newlywed" applies to the entire first two years of marriage. Well, whether or not that is true, I am sure that the newlywed phase is over for my husband and me. How do I know this? By the following:
  • The satin finish on Michael's wedding band has worn off.
  • Almost every person I interact with on a daily basis doesn't know my maiden name.
  • Being the Mr. and Mrs. is now the comfortable default. The excitement and attention surrounding our wedding has long since faded away.
  • We recently celebrated our second anniversary.

See? No longer newlyweds.

Though there is some trepidation within me at the amount of WORK a happy marriage takes, I am really looking forward to growing old together and I am so blessed to be doing it with Michael.

The pastor who married us asked us to share with him three attributes that we most love about each other. I told him that Michael is hilarious, caring, and faithful. He then shared this with our friends and family just before we exchanged our vows.

These three attributes remain at the top of my list.

Michael makes me laugh all the time.

His care for every little detail of my life makes him the best listener I've got. Michael truly loves to hear all of my little thoughts and stories.

And he is so faithful in the day-to-day of marriage. Michael is constantly learning and growing in loving me. And it works. I feel more loved by him now than I ever have before.

I am one blessed woman.


  1. Happy wedding anniversary! You two make one fantastic couple :)

  2. Great insights and we are sooooo happy you two have each other. We pray for you every day. By the way, "for my husband and ME" :-) Dad.


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