Friday, March 25, 2016

Cora - 18 Months Old

Two weeks ago, Cora became a big one and a half year old. Let's see if I can capture a bit of this stage before it slides on by...

Cora loves snuggling and hates it when she falls or gets hurt in any way. In the week leading up to our move and for our first two weeks in Thailand, she practically lived in my arms. Though she's often gentle and snuggly, she also loves being thrown around pretty wildly, and she's always up for teasing, tickling, and joking around. Here she is smiling for the camera. Ridiculous!

Cora spends a lot of the day singing in a shy, raspy, out of tune voice. Her favorite song is "I'm Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee" especially the part that goes "ouch! It stung me!" 

She recently went from not counting at all to counting all time. It goes something like this: "one! two! fee! foh! five!..." every number pronounced emphatically all the way to ten.

Cora likes to tell us what she's thinking about. Today, I was at the grocery store with her on my hip and out of nowhere she said, "Stahs. Memba dat?" (translation: Stairs. Remember that?") 
"Yes, Cora. I remember going on the stairs." 
Then, a few minutes later: "Fimming poo. Memba dat?" (translation: Swimming pool. Remember that?) 
"Yes, I remember swimming in the pool."
It's so fun to know what's on her mind!

Cora always knows what she wants and when she doesn't get her way, she often breaks down into tears or a full-blown, classic toddler tantrum. There have been a few times when she's been tantruming only to stop mid-performance to see how we are reacting. When she sees us ignoring her, she turns off the tantrum like nothing happened and moves on with life!

Some of Cora's favorite things include...

  • Hangers. Hanging them on our drying rack and taking them off. On repeat. And counting them to ten regardless of how many hangers there are.
  • Saying "no" all the time. Or more precisely, saying "no gank-u" (no thank you).
  • Wearing every hairtie we own around her wrist and every hairclip we own on her head.
  • Putting headbands and necklaces on and taking them off over and over and over.
  • Eating dragon fruit, pineapple, and watermelon.
  • Her little gray bunny and her pacifier. She would carry those around all day if we let her. May we never, ever lose bunny.
  • Watching family members pee. Seriously. Sometimes, when Grace is on the toilet, I have to tell Cora to take a step back because I'm afraid she'll get peed on!
  • "Pretend cream." The first week we were here in Thailand, both girls developed heat rashes that turned into yeast infections, so every night and morning, we applied a yeast cream. Cora loved the gentle neck and head rub. The yeast infection is gone, but we now do a "pretend cream" massage for her every night before bed.
Cora, you are one sweet, feisty, snuggly, smart peanut. Mommy and Daddy love you so much just the way you are!

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