Monday, November 10, 2014

Cora - Two Months Old

Well, people, we've got a two month old in the house!

Cora is sweet and mellow and growing like a weed. Babies are supposed to double their birth weight in six months. My nursing champion is on track to double hers before she's three months old. She is also surprisingly strong. She can hold her head steady while upright and she can bear most of her weight on her legs.

Cora's favorite things so far include...

  • Soaking in the world with her gigantic, alert eyes. She especially likes cooing at and staring at Michael.
  • Eating. She does it all day long and twice most nights. I was relieved to find out how much weight she's gaining. All the nursing is paying off!
  • Spitting up. I remember Grace spitting up pretty profusely, but I feel like Cora might one up her on that front - before feedings, during feedings, after feedings, chunky, dribbly, projectile... she's mastered it all.
  • Smashing her face into something to fall asleep. During the third trimester, the ultrasound tech couldn't get a good picture of Cora's face because it was buried into the wall of my uterus. Now that she's out of the womb, she still likes to bury her face into my arm, my chest, the side of her swing, or anything else that's not SIDS-proof to fall asleep.

When Cora was born, Grace pronounced Cora's name "Caca" which means "poop" in Spanish. Now she calls her "Caya" which means "trash" in Thai. Despite these awful names, she has adjusted surprisingly well to being a big sister. She very sweetly tries to share her sippy cups and toys with caca/caya and she kisses her before going to bed. It's been awesome to watch their budding sibling relationship.

Each child is an incredible, precious gift. We are so grateful to have Cora in our family. I'm really looking forward to uncovering more of who she is over the upcoming months!

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