Saturday, March 22, 2014

Santa Barbara

The 3 of us (3.5 of us? 4 of us?) spent a few days in Santa Barbara this week. Here are a few words and pictures from our family vacation:

Grace playing in the almost-packed suitcase. Just after I took this picture, she pulled my underwear on her arms. I got some really cute shots, but will spare you all from seeing my undies!

Grace's first trip to the zoo. Michael showing Grace some South American duck. (Yes, all these pictures are of Grace, Michael and Grace, or me and Grace. Can't wait for the day when a picture is taken of all three of us. Or, even better, a picture of just Michael and me.) 

Crazy hair!

Mommy and a peanut butter sandwich on the beach. Life doesn't get much better, does it Grace? 

Daddy/daughter sand digging time.

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