Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cadence's One-Year-Old Pictures

About a year ago, I found myself wishing for the olden days I've never known where neighbors and friends felt free to pop by without apology. Around the same time, on one of my daily walks, a neighbor saw my big belly, asked how far along I was, told me he had an infant son, and offered me the baby's outgrown clothes. 

Shortly thereafter, I met his wife, Lori. She's become that "pop by" neighbor and friend. We hang out, text, call, and pop by on a regular basis. When Grace wakes up at 1am screaming, cuts a tooth, or starts waving bye-bye and I'm just bursting to tell someone, Lori is my go-to mama. It is so fun to have a friend whose front door I can see from my kitchen window who is in first time mommy mode too. 

Her son, Cadence, recently turned one! For his birthday gift, I took his one year pictures. These pictures look deceptively composed and serene. In reality, we were running around our neighborhood rocking flipflops and mommy-tails - that permanent ponytail moms often have, passing Grace back and forth, and making Cadence laugh. Due to her easy going spirit and Cadence being super photogenic, we got some good shots!

Happy birthday, little guy! And happy I-survived-my-first-year-of-motherhood day, Lori!

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