Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Unorthodox Produce

One of the greatest privileges of living in Southern California is that, for a large portion of the year, I can pick lemons from local trees for free instead of from produce piles at the grocery store. And one of my favorite things about picking lemons myself, aside from how incredibly sweet and lemony they taste, is that I get to see the hilariously unorthodox shapes that they sometimes take.

A couple of months ago, Michael and I discovered what has become our go-to lemon grove on public property across the street from his old elementary school. It's as adorable as it sounds. Side note: I would love to find in my neighborhood a go-to orange grove, pomegranate grove, kumquat grove, tangerine grove, avocado grove, ... You get the idea.)

Here are two specimens of the pounds and pounds of lemons we picked last Tuesday. The one on the right is about the size of your typical lemon from the grocery store pile. Check out the bad boy to its left!
Isn't that cool?! I guess I have had the fleeting thought that perhaps whatever made this lemon this way is something that I shouldn't be ingesting, but then again, there is no way to find out and they're so delicious (I even eat the skins), I don't really want to know!

Onto the other unorthodox produce.

My snap pea plants have grown into quite a tangle. Unfortunately, the peas are the same exact shade of green as the leaves and the vines. Therefore, I will scour the tangled vines, picking every last snap pea only to find (every single time that I pick, mind you!) a monstrosity of a snap pea tucked in hiding.

Again, grocery store sized pea up front. Bad boy in back.

Pretty huge, huh?

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